RIP Marty Tribble

by Drewxblood



A note on the name of this track: Rashad's original version is named for Master P's murdered brother. Just as his song doesn't have anything to do with Kevin Miller directly, mine doesn't have to do with Marty directly. Instead these songs are the capturing of a mindset and a region, put to song to further the memory of someone who shared that same mindset.


alright now if i die today then my legacy is fucked
cuz i refuse to get my due by giving head to punks
all the suckin dick you do is a slippery slope
i don't need a fucking mention just to know that i am dope
antisocial media, double check what it's feeding ya
microwave meal with no intent to ever heat it up
the shit is cold, stale, even if the background's jail
but the truth is most these frauds, can't define the term bail
if you read a book, i bet you would, learn the earth is not flat
but you'd rather put your blinders on and hope it all goes black
i can't live like that, every thing i've felt, turns to eleven
oh yes the pain kills me, but the joy is straight from heaven
back in 84, that's when i had just been born
ten years later, that's when g funk sat up on the throne
another decade after that, man the south was set in stone
now it's 20 14 and i need to stand alone (how do i?)

from my first rap song that i made in 08
i done come a long way even if i'm sorta late
man i rocked a few parties, and that's how i met my girl
yeah we drive each other crazy but i swear she is my world
she don't always understand me, but i know that's hard to do
i'm all twisted up in thoughts thats why i dropped this song on you
i don't wanna end up bitter, all alone like larry david
i promise i'll make progress, i will sign the affidavit
from seattle to Daytona, i got homies that I wanna
see or talk to, we don't as much but i'm still in their corner
lost a few along the way, i wish they were still riding tho
i ain't airing nothing out just had to open up a window
inside to see my soul, man the shit is kinda foggy
if my brain is the basement, then my heart must be the lobby
open and exposed, muddy footprints all over
i know i woulda blowed, if i didn't stay sober


released 17 July 2014
This instrumental is a remake of Isaiah Rashad's "RIP Kevin Miller," produced by by Gigantic Sky.

As always, vocals recorded through an internal mic, so deal with it.



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Drewxblood Austin, Texas

A writer not a rapper.

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