Ken Griffey

by Drewxblood

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This beat is one of my favorites of all time. I had to write to it and though the lyrics came quickly, the flow did not. Not quite perfect but something I wanted to share as these are some of the most personal, yet creative, lyrics I've written.


lately i been scared i'm gonna wake up and it's too late
don't know what i'm doing in this hot ass state
working sweats up, but with what to show
not a damn thing, i'm a failure on the low
and i might drop this tape, but it won't change a thing
still gon' be the fakest out here getting all the change
and though i try to explain it to my muthafuckin father
i really am trying, i don't seem to make it farther
and i ain't complaining, but the blood in my veins'll be painting
the town red if my misery ain't reigned in
and it hurts just to say that shit
cuz i can't leave my family to debate that shit
like what could they have done, to save the wayward son
who stepped out on his own just to come back home undone
like poof be gone, with the roof of my dome
i just can't do like you, this ain't no fuckin rome
i hope my pops got the health to see a hundred
i hope my moms finds peace, cuz she like me, forever huntin
the best days i ever had was with my nephew liam
gretchen pass that on if i don't make it back to see him
i love y'all
orphaned and set to sea with nothing but some Pelle on
cast back cuz I ain't cute enough like Elian
feel like an alien trying to bust outta my stomach
and these John Carpenters are hoping that i slum it
Dan O Bannon I'm the man and y'all don't really know
but time will tell if i shine hard as helio
and if i don't blow before i blow my aorta
painting corners with my muthafuckin face will be in order
til then i'm aiming for suites in Bellagio
sayin fancy words wrong but still gettin fellatio
got alla y'all like how he get to where he thought he go
cuz i'm the whole damn truth, this is not ego
come into this world alone, and leave the same, no punkin out
john j speaks the truth, you better hunker down
pick a path and get ready, pack a machete
chop down all the brush so you can speed thru like andretti
time is your friend, you'll suffer time and again
but you got plenty time to get a dime on your dick
what you need is peace of mind not no trophies on your shelf
focus on yourself, fuck the world and all else
your dogs ain't your dogs if your pain don't make em violent
your girl ain't really down if she only mentions diamonds
sad to say but it's mostly lames and cowards
so find what you love and invest days not hours


released March 16, 2013
Recorded by myself at Wade's World. This just has rough edits/mixing done by me.
Beat produced by The Alchemist, performed as "Scottie Pippen" by Curren$y and Freddie Gibbs.



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Drewxblood Austin, Texas

A writer not a rapper.

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