My Own God

by Drewxblood



uh i lost my mind but i was quick to find it
got my eyes screwed in now no more blind sidin
everything i'm gon see coming i don't trust none
the deepest that i roll is zero plus one
you disloyal fool ass bitch made punks
it all seemed fishy yeah i knew something stunk
i don't need this shit, i kick cowards to the curb
keep 50 yards around me, like a house up in the burbs
white picket, might kick it, with a fence inbetween
like wilson cuz i don't see this fake submarines
lurking beneath the waves where them true colors run
i'm a shark motherfucker, my father's son
i'll swim and i'll swim until i can't no more
and i don't move in packs bitch, i ain't no whore
ain't here to please, so if i don't, no surprise
rather move alone than front to survive
it's dx to b, don't stand right next to me
keep at least "tu" between us like s to v
i am a paranoid a fucking schizophrenic
and i'm so damn annoyed i might be the sickest in it
and if you get in my way i might break, crack, snap
so if you talking shit i would take that back
i might have lost my mind but i didn't lose my manners
giving you fair warning that i'm 30 bruce banners
no green just a thing about to explode
on these fakes hiding behind a mask like destro
i knew you was a waste, soon as our eyes met
so get up outta my face before i leave your eyes wet


released August 9, 2015
From an unfinished session back in 2013 with Dalton Trevino. Beat taken from SpaceghostPurrp - Black God.



all rights reserved


Drewxblood Austin, Texas

A writer not a rapper.

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